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As Omicron evolve significantly the virus displays first signs of convergent mutation

For the past couple of months experts following arising SARS-CoV-2 variants have begun noticing something odd. Not known variant has looked like taking over but relatively an assortment of various subvariants appeared to be carrying the duplicate mutations.

These mutations all appeared to be assembling in a way to weasel our pre-existing immunity, and a striking study recently appeared speculating the virus has the potential to completely breakout our current immune responses. As multiple someones around the world return to normality, regarding the pandemic through, these new evolutionary signs point we may be done with thinking about COVID but SARS-CoV-2 is most unquestionably not done with us.

Twitter has been depicted by some as a public plaza, comparable to a massive open space where anyone can offer their viewpoint on anything still it’s truly nothing like that. A better adept conceit would be Twitter equals to a huge apartment structure filled with countless rooms devoted to conversations between people with shared interests or sentiments.

Inside a single tiny room in the enormous Twitter high rise resides an array of virologists, contagious disease researchers, epidemiologists, data visualization geeks, and driven armchair experts. They all focus on one particular topic – tracking the genetic changes of SARS-CoV-2.

Wading into the world of Variant Tracking Twitter can be confusing for the uninformed. A whirlwind of nonsensical phrasing escort tweets packed with graphs tracking coded mutations and increasingly complicated variant terms. 

Last month a buzz began popping up continually amongst the coded discussions citing RBD mutations in K444T and N460K. That term was convergence. If you have COVID like symtoms, seek medical attention and book your PCR and Antigen test via www.PCRTest.sc.