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When you are booking your flight back home or flying out of Seychelles, you will need a “Fit to Fly” travel certificate that is accepted by our authorities. Seychelles Medical can help you with that- all you need to do is take an RT PCR test online with us.

We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, providing testing when you most need it. We provide Fit to Fly travel Certificates with Covid19 Rapid PCR test or Antigen screening accepted by all countries and airlines and all using our verifiable authentication system provided by Travizory Border Security Services.

So, book your test with us NOW!

The most exclusive hotels in Seychelles use our services to provide PCR testing for their guests. They put their trust in the only internationally accredited laboratory in Seychelles. We also provide testing right at the airport. Our network serves everyone w.

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Book RT PCR Test Online- PCR for Travel- Seychelles Medical

Are you flying out of Seychelles? We hope you have a great time- and also stay safe. This is why Seychelles Medical provides you with RT PCR testing services. Get your “Fit to Fly” certificates and have a safe return home.

Why do a PCR Travel Test

In early 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a Public Health Emergency and the global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 virus has ravaged the world. It would still be hard for some of us to believe how the world has impacted just in one year. Many people still don’t take this pandemic seriously, like not wearing masks and following safety guidelines. 

 If you’re not one of them and looking for the RT PCR test, you are doing the right thing- and have landed on the right page.

One of the many used methods for detecting the virus is a nuclear-derived technique known as reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction or the RT PCR test. Seychelles Medical’s fully equipped laboratory can help you get your test results within 24 hours- so that you can travel safely out of Seychelles.

All Seychelles authorities and countries accept Our “Fit to Fly” certificates. Get yours now and continue your travels uninterrupted. 

What is the RT PCR test?

One of the most accurate and quickest diagnostic tests to detect the COVID-19 virus is a nuclear-derived technique called a reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction.

 The RT PCR test detects the presence of any genetic material in pathogens, including a virus. The RT PCR test Results are collected in two ways :

Swab the nose or throat

While a long nasal swab (nasopharyngeal swab) is preferred, a shorter nasal or throat swab is acceptable. To collect mucus, your doctor or another health care practitioner inserts a thin, flexible stick with cotton at the tip into your nose or rubs the swab along the back of your throat. This may be a little unsettling.

For the nasal sample, swabbing in both nostrils may be necessary to gather sufficient mucus for the test. The swab is left in place for a brief moment before being gently spun out. After sealing the sample in a tube, the sample goes to a laboratory for analysis.

Saliva PCR Test

Saliva tests are available at some places. While a saliva sample is less sensitive than a mucus sample acquired with a lengthy nasal swab, it is also easier to administer and frequently less painful. You spit repeatedly into a tube to produce a sample of your saliva for testing. The tube is then sealed and delivered to a laboratory for analysis.

 Seychelles Medical has the necessary technology to give you accurate results for your RT PCR test within 24 hours. Book your appointment with us, and we will reach out to you immediately. We test for both individuals and groups.

RT PCR home test by Seychelles Medical Services

When a person takes the RT PCR test, the sample is acquired from the nose and throat of the body, where the COVID-19 virus stays. Later, the RT PCR test sample is treated with several chemical solutions that separate substances like proteins and fats, extracting only the RNA. The extracted RNA is a mixture of the person’s genetic material and the virus’s RNA.

 If the virus is present in a sample, our diagnostics team will reach out to the person right away to isolate and take the necessary precautions. The people affected can start treatment immediately, and after they are declared fit by the doctors, they can retake the test to ensure that they are safe to travel.

Why take the RT PCR test online from Seychelles Medical Services?

 Our RT PCR test is highly sensitive, specific and can deliver a trusted diagnosis in three hours. Compared to the different virus detection methods, RT PCR online results are significantly quicker and contain a lower potential for contamination or errors. The entire process involves a closed tube. This test is still the most trusted method for the detection of the COVID-19 virus.

Our team can collect your samples right at the airport or the hotels you are staying at. You can also provide a sample at our center nearest to your location. Seychelles Medical’s team is available 24×7 to ensure that there are no unnecessary delays in getting your test results.

Some tips after the RT PCR travel test

 Since we were in lockdown for almost a year, many countries have succeeded with the unlock process. Now, many people want to go for a vacation or travel for work purposes. Travelers have to keep in mind that some transportation has higher risks than others. Here are some factors to consider when hitting the road. Getting a PCR test for travel is mandatory. 

First of all, stay aware of the severity of the COVID-19 cases in your area. There is a significant risk of asymptomatic spread, and you can carry the virus from the red zone to a low-spread location. 

Next, you need to find the COVID-19 levels of the place you’re going to. If the place is in the red zone or has seen a sharp rise recently, don’t visit it all. You will be at greater risk of catching the virus.

Many countries and their governments have implemented strict travel restrictions that may require you to be in quarantine for a specific period once you arrive. Be sure to check your destination’s guidelines because your place may be on a travel restriction list, which may have additional logistical consequences.

 Better always prefer to check with international travel status as many countries have put heavy restrictions on accepting visitors due to high caseloads. 

Traveling in your car is the best option to avoid any inflection. Just clean and disinfect your car thoroughly before and after getting on with your trip.

 Check with a low-risk gas-pump station or food court; this helps limit the exposure. Do wear a mask and disinfect your hands before returning. You can also take some time to disinfect the car again after longer stops. 

 Wearing a mask in the car is not imperative if you’re traveling with your family members, but wear it if you’re traveling with colleagues or others. 

 If you have done the RT PCR test for traveling abroad, you have to be more cautious. These days some airlines offer discounts to encourage people to fly, but they don’t make people aware of the risks involved before and during the flight.

 Even if fewer people are flying, you will still find yourself in boarding lines and potentially crowded seating areas. Ensure you follow the standard protocol such as social distancing, wearing a mask, and sanitizing your hands from time to time. 

 During the flight, many airlines disinfect planes and take distancing precautions. Airplanes use circulated and filtered air from outside to lower the chances of the virus spreading. Still, you have to wear a mask. 

 Contact us and get your “Fit to Fly” certificate hassle-free. All countries and authorities accept our certificates.


It is no puzzle to understand that the world may still take some time to get rid of the Covid-19 pandemic completely. One has to take every safety precaution, not just for yourself but your loved one as well. Seychelles Medical Services will provide you with the RT PCR test online results so that you can travel without a hitch. 

Contact us and get your “Fit to Fly” certificate hassle-free. All countries and authorities accept our certificates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many countries are still battling with the current coronavirus pandemic. One has to take the RT PCR online test. It is a medical terminology that has become mandatory. The RT PCR test online is a lab test that combines reverse transcription of your RNA into DNA for detecting the virus in your body. If a person has Covid-19, this test is the most preferred, but it is time-consuming and costly as it has a complete kit. 

When a person takes the RT-PCR test, the process involves detecting viruses through the nose or throat swabs. Only trained professionals know how to use and carry out this test properly. 

 You can rely on the Seychelles Medical team to do it right. Book the RT-PCR travel test online from Seychelles Medical. We have an entire set-up of trained practitioners and other equipment for detection and analysis.

Real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction tests the upper and lower respiratory specimens like swabs, sputum, nasopharyngeal, and other parts if a patient has COVID-19. Only a healthcare practitioner collects nasal or throat swabs of the tested person.

This test contains the extraction of ribonucleic acid, the genetic material of the COVID-19 virus. It also analyzes genetic sequences such as the SARS-COV-2 virus. Based on symptoms found during the RT PCR test result sample, a person can have positive or negative results. 

 The RT PCR test online requires trained professionals, a lab, RNA extraction machines, and a laboratory. It takes at least four hours for the results to determine the extent of infection in a patient.

 Seychelles Medical’s lab has the technology needed to give you accurate testing results. Get your results within 24 hours, only with us. We can collect the samples right at the airport or the hotel you are staying at.

First of all, one should consider guidelines set by the government in the city or hospital. In some hospitals, you would not need a doctor’s prescription, and in some hospitals, you might. It would be best to ask the doctors or other healthcare service providers who will inform you if you need it or not. Depending on the number of coronavirus cases, you may have to consult the hospital or doctor to get additional information. 

Taking RT PCR for traveling abroad is mandatory in Seychelles. You will need a “Fit to Fly” certificate to travel in and out of Seychelles. 

 The early signs or symptoms are the loss of smell, taste, and difficulty in breathing. These are the primary symptoms of the coronavirus. Many people may have other flu-like symptoms, which can be often mistaken with the URI or common cold. Under these circumstances, one should opt for the RT PCR test online.

 Keep in mind, there are no side effects of the RT PCR test. High chances are one can end up with a false-negative or false-positive result.

 It would be best to take this test from an authorized healthcare center like Seychelles Medical. You can contact us, and we can collect your samples from the airport or your hotel and give you the results within a day.  

All authorities accept our “Fit to Fly” certificate.

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