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Wellness Package

Good healthy habits include getting adequate sleep, exercising regularly, and eating a balanced diet. Reduced health risks eventually result in fewer chronic diseases and cheaper medical expenses. But what if you start to experience signs of a disease and need testing or a physical examination?

In that situation, acquiring one of Seychelles’ efficient health and wellness examination packages can assist you in recognising or averting a potential health issue.

Regular health checks and full body examinations are offered by wellness doctors in the Seychelles and have the following benefits:

  • Prevent significant medical problems.
  • Increase one’s self-awareness
  • Increase the likelihood of treatment and cure


The term “wellbeing” refers to the sensation of health, joy, and prosperity. It requires strong mental health, a strong immune system, and a feeling of meaning or purpose. Therefore, it is impossible to exaggerate the importance of both physical and mental health in our lives. Simply put, physical fitness comes first and foremost. To effectively manage chronic conditions, which is a crucial component of wellness campaigns, we must be aware of what our bodies need.


Keeping tabs on your health is the greatest approach to catch any potential illnesses early and treat them. Additionally, it is beneficial if you spend the necessary time to treat the illness and enhance your health through wellness and preventive measures. You should take a thorough strategy and have a holistic mindset when it comes to maintenance and prevention. You can now lower your chance of perhaps being “sick” with the use of thorough health checkup packages and an efficient wellness package. Additionally, this category includes proper nutrition, regular sleep habits, and physical activity. For the best possible healthy existence, you must be on track.


Lifestyle choices that are significant because they are considered to be components of general wellness. If you make straightforward and healthy decisions every day, you need to have a strategy for reducing stress, enjoying fulfilling social relationships, and achieving optimal health.

Numerous benefits of the wellness package have been independently proven by science. Let’s say you suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or heart disease. The wellness package would then include testing and follow-ups to increase your strength, flexibility, and body and mind awareness. Additionally, routine exams are crucial for maintaining good health, increasing energy, lowering high blood pressure, reducing stress, and managing weight.


You have access to a highly qualified team of doctors, specialists, and experts in nutrition, lifestyle, and fitness. Our wellness programme is customised to meet the requirements of our patients at different stages of life. The patients receive the greatest care possible in the convenience of their own homes.

To assure a better version of you and to provide you a thorough picture of your health, Seychelles Medical offers you high-quality, effective health and wellness checkup packages in Seychelles. Through testing using cutting-edge diagnostic technologies across the whole medical field, we provide distinctive, comprehensive health examinations for everyone.

It costs a lot to get comprehensive health exams and packages in the Seychelles. Nevertheless, Seychelles Medical offers thorough and reasonably priced health examination packages, including general and specialised health checks. Our qualified wellness doctors in Seychelles offer comprehensive health packages and full-body checks. Select the health checkup plans that are best for you today, then contact us!

Our health and wellness package includes:

  • Screening and follow up for chronic disease
  • Diabetes tests
  • Hypertension monitoring
  • Thyroid tests
  • Blood tests for Anemia
  • Doctor consultation

Health & Wellness Checkup Packages in Seychelles

General Wellness Package

Price: 1500

Kids Wellness Package

Price: 1800

Comprehensive Wellness Package

Price: 6000

Comprehensive Packages

Cardiac Risk Marker

Price: 1200

Liver Profile

Price: 450

Lipid Profile

Price: 450

Renal Profile

Price: 550

Hormones Profile

Price: 800

Iron Deficiency Profile

Price: 800

Vitamin Profile

Price: 800

Pancreas Profile

Price: 400

Arthritis Profile

Price: 800

Diabetes Screen

Price: 450

Electrolytes Profile

Price: 300

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